Many builders and designers are looking for a good alternative to the traditional fiberglass panels used in situations requiring a wall to be waterproof, sanitary and highly durable. PLAS-TEX® Wall Covering & Panels, now available from Parkland Performance Walls & Ceilings, gives them a choice.

Not only does PLAS-TEX® eliminate the presence of fiberglass, fiberglass dust and the general negative connotation that goes with it, but the product is environmentally friendly as well. It’s made with reclaimed resins and is, in and of itself, reclaimable. It has the qualities of other competitive products in that it is 100% waterproof and will not support mold, mildew or the growth of bacteria. Plus it’s easier to work with; eliminating fiberglass hazards, and is available in a selection of attractive finishes including smooth, matte, and haircell, as well as the more common pebbled surface.


Parkland Plastics
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